Top CC&R Complaints


The three main CC&R violations we get complaints about:

  1. Trash cans left out after Monday’s trash pickup
  2. Unsightliness:
    1. Lumber, trash, and unfinished projects in plain view of public right of ways and common areas
    2. Weeds in flower beds as well as growing in cracks in sidewalks and/or driveways
    3. Peeling paint and other poorly maintained exterior finishes
  3. Trailers, boats, and RV’s parked in the neighborhood:
    1. These items must be stored 100% out of view or offsite. If it’s visible from the street, or a neighbors property, it’s in violation of the CC&R’s
    2. There is a 48 hour grace period for loading and unloading
    3. Storing these items on the street for too long is a City Code Violation and will be reported to Code Enforcement


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