Yearly HOA Dues:

HOA dues are due March 31st of every year. Yearly HOA dues are $50.00 per household.


HOA Transfer Fees:

Transfer fees are $500 when a home sells.┬áThis one-time, up-front fee, for new residence helps to maintain a positive cash flow while not negatively affecting the current homeowners with higher yearly HOA fee’s. The money is spent on landscaping improvements and entrance maintenance to keep the neighborhood attractive and inviting. This increases everyones home values. It puts the HOA in a position to have enough cash funds in order to help when things like snow removal when we experience record breaking snowfall.


*Annual Dues and Transfer fees are set by the board in accordance with the bylaws (found on this site)

Online HOA Payments:

Shenandoah West has contracted with Paypal to make available an online electronic payment. This method of payment is entirely optional, and is only being offered as a convenient alternative to paying by mailing a check (the traditional way). SWNA incurs a 3.5% transaction cost from Paypal to make this service available. The Association does not profit from this fee.

If you choose to pay via this method, and your Shenandoah West property address does NOT match the billing information of the credit card you use, you MUST provide the address of the Shenandoah West property in the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” screen. You will see this option at the final confirmation screen during the checkout process on PayPal’s site. This is necessary to ensure that the correct property is credited for your annual dues payment.

Finally, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” screen, it will be assumed that any payment will be for the current calendar year’s dues.

Should you have any questions, please contact the board.